PuRe MoThErFuCkInG mAgIc

Jul 22


Jan 21

Everything must come to an end.

.As some of you may know by now, I’m officially stepping down from ask6amzee. I know I took too long to actually say it in here, sorry about that. 

Thank you for all the good times, I hope this blog served its purpose well. 

If you guys are still interested in my art, or what am I up to, you can tag along in my main blog. barag0n

Jun 27

Jun 10

By the way…

the ask box is now open. 


Jun 06

Apr 09

Hi guys, its has been a while. I’ve been busy as hell to update this blog, but once everything’s calm I’ll try and answer some of your questions. As for what’s about to happen this weekend. If you live in Monterrey, México, drop by at the 42 CJMC in Cintermex! I will be having an artist booth there. 

see ya’ll soon!

Feb 17