PuRe MoThErFuCkInG mAgIc


$10 ( up to $15 depending on the characters complexity )

Colored  sketch bust comissions :> !! 

What I will draw:

Furries // Monsters // Animals // OCs // Fanart // Mechas // Nudes // Gore

What I won’t draw:


-I’ll open 10 slots for these! if you’re interested please send me a note in my DA! http://mafbot.deviantart.com/ 

(( tiny signal boost for myself! I’m saving up to get my visa (: ))

The giveaway prize for Hamkind! They requested Equius Zahhak! 
Sorry for the long wait! But I hope you like it!

The giveaway prize for Hamkind! They requested Equius Zahhak! 

Sorry for the long wait! But I hope you like it!





After months of planning, Octopimp t-shirts are ready to go! I have set up a kickstarter page In order to fund the printing of these shirts for anyone interested.

If you want, you can donate some money and get yourself a shirt in the design and size you like!

But why kickstarter?

As explained in the video, printing shirts is expensive, and a bit of a gamble. This way, I can find out how many people would really be interested in getting these shirts as well as which design people want so that I don’t run out of any size/design based on which ones are popular.

I don’t want to donate any money to  you!

That’s fine! Don’t feel obligated or manipulated to buy one of these shirts at all, this is simply to test the waters to see who WOULD be interested in getting one of these. If the whole thing goes well, I will be able to make a proper online store. If you don’t feel like donating, you don’t have to.

What’s with that MEGA DONATION PRIZE? Do you really think someone will donate 6 grand?

Not really, but what’s a Kckstarter without some ludicrous top level donation prize? Not a REAL Kickstarter, I’ll tell you that much!

Much more info can be found at the Kickstarter page itself, so go check it out! And thank you for your support :)

Yo, guys! 

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past forever. Please go check out the Kickstarter! We all worked super hard on it, so I hope you’ll take a moment to donate or even spread the word!

holla holla get shirts

( I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiarized with Octopimp, he has voiced a lot of ask6amzee’s questions! So I’m reblogging this for him to help him and my bud Taylor out (: Check it out! ) 

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ThE aSk BoX iS nOw OpEn

for a while